The idea behind „The Female Gaze“ is a play on Mulvey’s „male gaze theory“, which started feminist film theory in the 70's and claimed that audiences learned to adapt the male view due to films being written, made and produced by men. The film explores this idea, while also breaking the outdated stereotype of „men always thinking about sex.“ Instead the film argues visual attraction is natural and simply about humans reacting to each other. 


6th Oct 2021, BERLIN

Director & Producer: Marie Herr @_marieherr_
Dop & Editor: Lukas Plodek @lukasplodek
Line Producer: Julia Hallasch @julijuliajuli
1 AC: Mario Cordero @cormario
Gaffer: Linus B. Berberich @l_ben_b
Set Design: Nina Oswald @ninamarlena
Styling: Clara Dimanski @kommaclara
HMU: Simonetta Tsapanou @simonettaart
Runner: Diane Jensen @ladywunderbar_

Colour Grading: Andrea Gomez @annie_colorist (presented by sec studios) @sec.studio
Casting: Nora Rülke @nora.grets / Extrafresh @extrafreshcast
Sound Design: Daniel von BlackTriAudio @blacktriaudio

Protagonist: Divja @dibzoo
Eyes: Jan @j_kohlby
Mouth: Giamo @giamo_neu
Neck: Johann @johnnyftw_
Arm: Philip @cesco.blz
Chest: Sidney @official.sweezy

Special thanks to Eo @studio_perazzo, Annika @annikaahrens, Oona @sec.studio

Marie Herr